Awakening of the Woods – part 6

“Few who encounter the strange, human-like grove of Loren, leave once the lilting chorus of the dryads reaches their ears.”


For this month I’ve painted a small unit of 6 dryads, they are powerful forest spirits capable of shapeshifting, this ability makes them very useful in the Wood elf army as it allows you to use them in different ways.


The Birch aspect makes them dish out lots of damage with 3 attacks each, this is especially good vs units with low armour-saves.

The Oak aspect makes them very tough & allows them to rip through armour with a massive Strength & Toughness of 5!

The Willow aspect is my favorite one, negating 1 attack from each enemy makes them very hard to take down in a charge, even better if the enemy only has a single attack, then they may not attack at all!


I opted for the dryads released during 6:th edition rather than the metal ones from 4:th as I prefer these models, they look more feminine which fits better with the description of dryads!


The paintjob itself was inspired by this image I found on the net:

gnarlwood dryad

I added some greens & gave them red eyes to fit in better with the elves in the army.



Excuse the crappy pics but the weather doesn´t really allow for good pics & my lightbox has been mauled by laying in a moving box for too long.


“I’ve never known dryads to suffer visitors in their woods. Beware the dryad when she welcomes you.” – Bretonnian Peasant


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