In the Darkness of Night

Heinrich ran and ran and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He had to warn the villagers and find the way out. They would all have to leave or die! “If only there was a way out” he thought. He could hear the braying of the beastmen and their infernal drumming! He thought he could hear a weird grunting of the beast of Nurgle and there was definitely a droning of flies! Come to think of it there was unusually many flies in the air tonight!

Poor Heinrich tripped in a root, twisted his knee and fell down a slope! On the way down he hit his head on a boulder and skinned his good knee. He slid to a halt in a thorn-bush, the thorns ripping his clothes. In an agony all over, he crept out of the bush and was just crawling towards a small stream when a bunch of small vaguely man-shaped cloaked creatures closed in. One of them was pointing at him with something that looked like a brass trumpet, that was connected by a thick rubber tube to a barrel another one was carrying. They had red, gleaming eyes and smelled dirty and vaguely rotten! “What what do we have-see here? a manthing!” hissed one of the creatures, then Heinrich’s head exploded in pain as someone clubbed him from behind and he went out cold!


Two nice Bob Olley beastmen

Two beastmen it was this time! Two nice ones sculpted by Bob Olley, absolutely classic!  am really looking forward to have more time and resources to do more Oldhammer later in the autumn.

I have a lot of beastmen and chaos warriors awaiting paint and a bunch of characters! I reckon that this army will be but a little bit playable by the end of November.

I am at the moment contemplating to take my old 4th ed. chaos knights out of storage, strip them and paint them up for this army. They are very expensive in points cost, but a very powerful unit though. The figures are rather boring with their plastic horses, but I might make them a bit more interesting with the painting style that I am employing here.

The ranks of beastmen are swelling!


Somewhere far far to the north a lone figure was striding purposefully forwards, muttering to himself. He was wearing heavy dark armor, looking fierce yet at the same time unkempt and dirty, he had clearly been on the road for a long time. He forded a small stream, but it wasn’t water… it was blood! It did not seem to affect him. As he progressed the road which had had a distinctly flesh-like look to it became moist and greenish, like rotting flesh, the plants growing nearby turned increasingly more twisted and rotten. “I must be getting close to the garden now” Fritz von Stumpf growled through gritted teeth. “Damned be Plattenhafen and that deceiving curr herr Zuntermein!” He growled with a growing feverish gleam in his eyes…


Thanks for reading and until next time! Happy painting, gaming and storytelling!




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