Awakening of the Woods – part 3

I have a confession to make, lately I´ve fallen in love with a lot of the old 90’s Games Workshop plastics.
Back when I started gaming I thought they were good for filling out units, but not much else, but a few years ago I started to appreciate some of them. At first it was for the more regimental units such as Empire Halberdiers & the High Elves in the 4th edition starter box.

4th edition

This then continued onto the other monopose plastics & now I’m not sure if there´s any of these regiments I don’t like (maybe Dwarfs & Chaos Dwarfs).

For this months tale I´ve painted 5 of the Wood Elf Archers, giving me a total of 6, I think these were designed by Aly Morrison, which designed most of the stuff for Warhammer Quest. The paintjob is rather basic but does imo look great from the tabletop, I used a very limited palette with red details as a homage to the red era. I decided to go with goblin green bases for a proper herohammer feeling, although I did opt for flock rather than painted sand.
The mounted wizard has been a welcome distraction in between these elves, I should have him finished by next month.

2 thoughts on “Awakening of the Woods – part 3

    1. The whole idea with this Project for me, is to relive what was the golden age of warhammer for me, this includes the way I paint this army, even if a more modern approach would probably look better & be easier to paint.


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