The Beasts of Clar Karond stir

This last month I’ve been focusing on getting my army background and a workable, themed list down so I have something to work towards.

Sadly, I’ve been able to do little hobby work, so you’ll have to make do with a single picture, I’m afraid. There’s a growing pile of stripped stuff however, but that’s hardly exciting.

At any rate, I’ve finally settled on a theme for the army. I’ve always liked the beastmasters and their monstrous pets, so over the next while I’ll be trying for a themed army of Clar Karond, home of the beastmasters:

I’ve written up a list consisting of a general, standard bearer and sorceress, all on cold ones for the characters, with a regiment of cold ones to escort them. They’ll be joined by 20 spearelves, 5 harpies, and 8 scouts, and I’ve brought a Hydra and a Repeater Bolt Thrower along for the ride.

This comes to 1478 points with equipment upgrades liberally sprinkled on the characters, but no magic items.

(At this point, it should be fairly obvious that I’ve little idea of what I’m doing list-wise, but that’s nothing new. Comments are more than welcome!)

Still, my basic thoughts are these:

The CO knights are the Lords personal entourage, and they’ll be joined by the banner bearer. These guys will be my heavies, to throw into the face of enemy resistance.

I’d liked to have included a chariot for the lord, but sadly that’s not in the list – only Malekith can bring one.

I haven’t looked at what banner to use, but we’re dealing with magic items later anyhow. I’d like something that could ruin enemy morale, if possible – this seems quite DE-ish to me.

The sorceress, we’ll, I’m considering trying to grab a pegasus-riding one, but right now she’ll make do with a Cold One – it suits the theme, I think.
She’ll be dispelling stuff and trying to get into position to do some damage if that’s an option.
I’ve brougt a core of 20 spearmen (spearelves?), just to have a solid anchor that can bunker down and possibly block some movement.
The scouts will, well, scout, and hopefully kill some warmachine crewmembers before my CO knights get some cannon-related attention. Background-wise, I reckon they work as a scouting party for new beasts or slaves.
The harpies are there for much the same reason – screening for the rest. Also, in a menagerie of beasts, they seemed to be a fitting choice.
Playing a Clar Karond list, I HAD to include a hydra! So far I’ve managed to pin a few of the heads, but metal is a nightmare to drill into with a hand drill!
I’ll get there in the end, though. Something I’ve been wondering though, I can’t seem to find a passage in the armybook detailing how to actually control the hydra – should a hero be in a certain range of it or is it just a normal unit?
The boltthrower is there because it’s quintessentially elven, and I’d like to be able to put a few wounds on larger formations before the CO knights hit them.
Also, I really like the model and wanted to include it.
Paintwise, I’ll be sticking to darker, colder colours, execpt for the skin. My main colours will be black, highlighted with turquoise, and purple, with a nice and pale skintone.
To illustrate, the scouts:
As an aside, you can probably tell these aren’t QUITE as oldhammer-y as some of the other guys. I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve gotten most of a DE army from a friend, so I’ll just have to pick up a few Cold Ones to suit the theme – the ones I’ve got are all the newer models.


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