Beasts are stirring in the woods



Braying and chanting is heard in the woods at night. A darkness is gathering, and the local farmers are bolting their doors at night.

The last month and a half have been terrible for my painting.
I have really tried to get some painting done, but even at night, I have struggled with the paint drying on the brush, and my wet pallette drying out, even when thinning my paints.

I have however been doing som prepping and assembly instead.

I want to use Chaos Centaurs in my army, so they were next. I had a spare of one of the variants, missing his weapon, so I decided that he’ll be the standard bearer.


I also want some Chaos Dwarves. I really want that chaotic feel of a rag tag assembly of screaming Chaos worshippers, and I have always had a soft spot for the mad stunties.

I wanted to have them armed with x-bows, because I really like the models, but after having consulted the army book it dawns on me, that they aren’t even allowed to take x-bows 😦

Not sure what I’ll do about it, but for now they enter the painting queue.


My lord is also ready for paint, and so are his trusted Chaos Knights. But maybe they’ll make an appearance in the next installment. Who knows … Chaos works in mysterious ways.

Ian Miller.jpg


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