What a shambles!

Chaos – a motley crew of marauders and renegades, marauding renegades, or even renegading marauder, eh? Jokes aside, my first taint of chaos came with my first WD (the nostalgic no. 123 if you remember from my previous post). The magazine featured a battle report, pitching a marauding Chaos force against Orcs and Gary Chalk […]

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For Hire

Well let’s get started with this whole Oldhammer army thing.  One year to paint 1500 points and I’m allready off to a good start.  The first additions to my army will be a Giant named Modo “No Toe” and sneaky assassin Black Carl.  I love the idea that you can take allies in 4th edition […]

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A humble beginning

Getting started I decided to make a Chaos army for this Oldhammer challenge. I used to play a Chaos army back in the day and always loved the dark weirdness of Chaos! Over the years I have managed to amass a little collection of vintage Chaos miniatures. I am so happy to finally get some […]

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Awakening of the Woods

As I´ve said in my introduction, I like to base my army first & foremost on a few models I really like, then I add units that play to the armies strength. Reading through the Wood Elves book one can see that the biggest strengths of the Wood Elves is their stealth, speed, & archery […]

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The might of the Empire

This month I focused on five Knights Panther models. More will probably be added at a later date. My first inspiration is from the 4th edition empire army book. My second inspiration is from the book Master Class by Kevin Dallimore. For this reason, I use several colors from the Foundry painting line.   In […]

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Hi all, this month has been all about hunting. A lot of my old lead come from an old pile I used as a bitz-box for quite some time. When the challenge came along to build an oldhammer army I started clearing the whole lot out to get an idea of what I actually had […]

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