Shields away!!

Okay, this month have been a struggle. Firstly, with finding time to do hobby stuff, secondly with getting the shield designs right. I started out with a bright yellow but it proved to be too much of a contrast to the muted browns of the beasts themselves. So going back through the old Warhammer Armies […]

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The might of the Empire

This month has been a bit special. The new semester has started and as a teacher these are always stressful times. Me and my girlfriend have also welcomed a new 10-year-old member to our household. I did however manage to finish my general even though I will probably improve on the details later on. I […]

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The Beasts of Clar Karond stir

This last month I’ve been focusing on getting my army background and a workable, themed list down so I have something to work towards. Sadly, I’ve been able to do little hobby work, so you’ll have to make do with a single picture, I’m afraid. There’s a growing pile of stripped stuff however, but that’s […]

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