Awakening of the Woods – Wrap-up

So the challenge is over, my Wood Elves are far from done, but the challenge is. It’s a weird thing, tale of X gamers and the like. In the beginning you are very excited, all sorts of plans swirl in your head about how much you are going to paint. All the different options you have, which army […]

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Blood at Night

As the villagers of Plattenhafen were cowering in fear, the braying of the horns grew nearer and nearer! Now they could hear guttural voices in between the horns and the incessant drumming. They thought they could hear trampling feet and branches breaking. All eyes turned to herr Zuntermein! “ was just a trinket!” he stammered! […]

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Awakening of the Woods – part 6

“Few who encounter the strange, human-like grove of Loren, leave once the lilting chorus of the dryads reaches their ears.”   For this month I’ve painted a small unit of 6 dryads, they are powerful forest spirits capable of shapeshifting, this ability makes them very useful in the Wood elf army as it allows you […]

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Heinrich slowly came to, something was prodding him, pricking him with a stick or maybe a knife. “Wake the manthing” a squeaky voice said. He was writhing on the ground, his head felt like it was splitting, they had knocked him out. They were pawing him “Where is it where is it!” the squeeky voice […]

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Justified and Ancient!

Hraadrek stood looking down on the small town, slung perfectly along the Imperial road, on the edge of the deep forest he called home. Peacefully the chimneys exhaled smoke into the dusk, the evening sun illuminating the red rooftops. Soon, the sun would go down, and soon the man-things would the ones exhaling, lying in […]

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Awakening of the Woods – part 4

Something was wrong. He could hear it, like whispers in the wind, the winds of magic. Darkness was rising, the beasts were stirring, soon they would start raiding, then the war would start.   A bit late with the post, but better late than never! For this months tale I’ve painted up Vaeril Carralei, a […]

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